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Tin Hau Temple
The Tin Hau Temple on Peng Chau has a long history of over 200 years and was rebuilt in 1882. The original architecture was retained in the reconstruction but two things were added: a pair of couplets carved on rock and a tablet. There is a 8-feet whale bone consecrated to Tin Hau in the temple.

Tablet of the Forbid Expropriating Fishing Boat Decree
The tablet was placed next to Tin Hau Temple. It was erected in 1835 during the reign of Daoguang. The tablet was erected to proclaim the good news regarding the government to forbid local officials from expropriating the fishing boats of residents as baits to deal with the pirates who created havoc to the region.

Golden Flower Shrine
The Golden Flower Shrine sits under the banyan tree on Wing On Street, honouring Lady Golden Flower. According to the legend, it was in 1762, the 27th year of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty and a villager named Lai kwok-man went to Peng Chau looking for Chinese herbs for his wife. He anchored his boat near the banyan tree and prayed to the giant rock next to it. Later, Lai’s wife recovered. The couple got an inspiration from the Lady Golden Flower they built a shrine here to honour her.

Lung Mo Temple
The largest temple in Peng Chau Tung Wan, the Lung Mo Temple was built in the early 70’s. Lung Mo is a Sea Goddess and in the temple there is a ‘Dragon bed’, which is believed to have magical power of washing away misfortune and bringing good luck.

Finger Hill Fung Ping Pavilion
The pavilion is located on the crest of Finger Hill. Visitors can reach the spot after climbing up from Ham Shan Road. High up the hill, they can enjoy a panoramic view of the Tsing Ma Bridge, the Disneyland, and the nearby beautiful scenery.

Jade Unicorn
This Jade Unicorn is one of the treasures of Ping Chau. The tree is over a hundred year old and is still a vibrant creature. The villagers put wired net around the tree to protect it from any damages.

Peng Chau Rural Committee Garden
Visitors can reach the Peng Chau Rural Committee by going along the Bauhinia path that starts at Yuen Ling Tsai. The place offers clean air and from there travellers can take a look at the development of the entire island as well as the beautiful scenery of Discovery Bay.

Seashore Garden
The garden is right next to the pier. There are facilities like pavilion, park, and basketball court inside the garden. Next to the garden is a complex sports building.

Tin Hau Temple
Golden Flower Shrine
Lung Mo Temple
Finger Hill Fung Ping Pavilion
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