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Renting Service
Besides the chartering service for our normal ferry routes, we can provide chartering service to any outlying islands and areas within the waters of Hong Kong. The rent can be calculated based on distance or time. Welcome to use our chartering service.

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Hire Terms and Conditions
1. Upon confirmation of a booking, 50% of the total hiring charge is required as deposit. Balance must be settled before the agreed date stated in the agreement. Hirer who pays after the launch has to make full payment under no circumstances should the order confirmed be cancelled except for condition as in item No.5.
2. In the absence of the Hirer more than two hours, the booking is deemed automatically cancelled. The Hirer has to pay the outstanding balance with no excuse. No refund or time compensation will be made for early return of the journey. Additional rental will be charged for late return or additional hours used.
3. The number of passengers stated cannot be exceeded. The coxswain has the right to refuse any extra boarding passengers.
4. Engine running hours for the whole trip should not exceed four hours. Additional fuel charge will be imposed on the boat users.
5. Upon hoisting of typhoon signal No.3 or higher or black rainstorm signal, the launch service will be automatically postponed to another weekday that is available. The Hirer should bring his receipt to the Operator's office for endorsement within one week or it will be nullified and no refund will be made.
6. If typhoon signal No.3 or black rainstorm signal is hoisted during the launch, the coxswain must take the charterers back to the pier immediately. No refund or time compensation will be made.
7. In case of engine failure or unexpected operation hazards before the launch, the Hirer will be informed as soon as possible and refund will be made. No compensation of any kind will be made for any reason.
8. If engine fails during the launch, passengers will be taken back to the nearest pier by best possible arrangement. If one half of the hiring hours has been used or the boat has reached its destination, no compensation will be made. Refund on a pro-rata basis or an alternate service day would be made at the discretion of the Operator.
9. The Operator has the right to cancel the launch according to weather or safety reasons. Refund or an alternate service day would be made at the discretion of the Operator. The Hirer should bring his receipt to the Operator’s office for endorsement within one week or it will be nullified and no refund will be made.
10. If cancellation or alternation of booking date occurs, food and beverage arranged have to be collected by the Hirer at the pick up point and full amount agreed must be paid.
11. The Operator and its agent are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings and safety of the charterers on board of the boat. It is the own liability of the Hirer and his representative.
12. The Hirer and his boat users are responsible for any damage to the facilities on the boat. Immediate compensation would be made to the boat captain.
13. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong.
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