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Student Monthly Ticket Application Arrangement 2021-03-22 12:15

HKKF have launched the Student Monthly Ticket from March 2021. The Student Monthly Tickets are applicable to students aged between 12 to 25 and are currently enrolled in full-time day courses offered by recognised education institutions in Hong Kong. The application arrangements are as follows:

1. The Student Monthly Ticket Application Forms will be distributed at all HKKF piers.  For the first-time applicant, eligible students are required to submit their student identity proof/documents along with the Student Monthly Ticket Application Form to our company (For details, please refer to the Student Monthly Ticket Application Form).

2. The application period for the following month’s Student Monthly Ticket is from the 20th day of the month to the last day of the month; and the application period for the current month’s Student Monthly Ticket is from the 1st day of the month to the 10th day of the month. Applications that are not submitted within the relevant application periods will not be accepted.

3. If the passenger need to apply the Student Monthly Ticket, please prepare and submit the required documents with the application form at any of our piers. Upon the receipt of the duly completed application form and required documents, it will take at least five working days for processing. Upon collecting the physical Student Monthly Ticket, holder can start to use the Student Monthly Ticket.
4. The maximum validity period for Student Monthly Ticket shall be one school/academic year. Successful applicants shall make a renewal application in September every year to renew the concession. If the applicant does not apply for renewal of the concession, his/her student monthly ticket will be invalidated, and the applicant must make a renewal application of the Student Monthly Ticket before he/she can continue to use his/her current student monthly ticket.
5. For inquiry, please contact our Customer Service Centre (Tel: 2815 6063).  

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